How to Blow Dry Your Hair Straight

Desperately looking forward to change your hair style for a day or two? How about changing your curls to straight hair and notice the difference? All you need is round brush, a blow dryer, hair products, and 30 minutes. So if getting that perfect sleek straight look is your objective for the day, you first need to get hold of all the tools and hair products. For this purpose, you can either go to a salon or use your own blow dryer with a hair brush. Remember, the steps and products to blow dry your hair straight depend on your hair type.

1) Wash and condition your hair
Before you attempt hair straightening, you need to first wash it well and use a good conditioner suitable for your hair type. Once you have washed your hair, dry it using a towel.

2) Use heat protection products
Hair straightening is a process that requires application of heated hair straightener. Therefore, you should apply a hair product that helps you protect your hair follicles from possible damage. For this purpose, you can use several hair sprays and conditioners that can be used to protect your hair. If you are looking for a more stable straight look, you can select a salon product. If you have excessively curly hair or coarse hair, you can also use a hair straightening balm. These products are easily available at cosmetic and departmental stores.

3) Choosing the right hair tools
If you want to straighten your hair using a blow dryer, you may require using a hair dryer, a large round brush, and a hair dryer stand. If you use a hair dryer stand, it will free your hands to effectively manage your hair as well as the hair brush. Apart from using these products, you can also use a large hair clip to handle various sections of your hair while working with other hair strands.

4) Straightening your hair

  • Comb through your hair while gently blow drying it and removing excess water.
  • Now, divide your hair into three sections, two at the sides and one at the backside. Use hair pins to pin up the two sides.
  • Select the hair from unclipped section and start straightening it using a round, thick hair brush. Gently run the hair brush through the roots while blow-drying it.
  • Pull the hair brush underneath your hair and expose it to the heat. Once this portion is dry, go for the top portion of your hair.
  • Maintain consistent pressure and use blow dryer uniformly on your hair. This would help you prevent overdrying and friskiness.
  • Once the selected hair portion is straightened, start blow-drying other portions of your hair.
  • Repeat the process for clipped up sections of your hair until your head is done.

There are certain other tips and warnings that help you achieving the desired look fast. For example, you should always position the hair dryer downwards while blow-drying your hair. This is because blowing hair upward is likely to cause frizzies and defeat your purpose. If you want to achieve flat hair, you should use a ceramic flat-iron, which is specifically designed for taming curly hair.

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